"The Actors Agenda" an




The Actors Agenda, was created by childhood friends and actors Tiffany E. Green and Crystal Lee Brown, as a game plan for actors to achieve the most success out of their acting career by maximizing all angels in the realm of marketing that capitalizes on an actors brand. As actors, they too felt the waves of doubt and frustration in the world of show business and felt stuck in their careers, lacking a true strategy on how to succeed. Implementing their expertise in both Marketing and Public Relations , Tiffany and Crystal brainstormed ideas on how to create a systematic agenda that could help them increase their success in the entertainment industry, Thus The Actor Agenda was formed, to help actors take control of their careers and branding. Since creating The Actors Agenda, Tiffany and Crystal has developed "Acting: Making It Your Business Marketing Seminar, a dynamic visual presentation, navigating actors on how to effectively market themselves and utilize tools on gaining representation, auditions  and bookings, all key components in maintaining a fulfilling career in show business.